Rotary Rack Oven

The major feature of this Rotary Oven is the equal heat distribution; operates at high efficiency and regular circulation. It’s provided by well-designed heat exchangers. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve products at the requested pecularity with less energy as per precedents.

The burning chamber is made of heatproof high quality stainless steel. Thanks to double-way plate-tube system, high level steam is produced and each of the pans is adequately provided with the steam.

The steam is prevented from being dispersed in the workshop thanks to the hood and aspirator over the oven.

Chassis, baking chamber and cover are fully made of stainless steel.


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Baking Surface (m^2)
Number of Trays (levels)
Tray Size (mm)
Dimensions (Width-Depth-Height) (mm)
Electrical Power (Kw)
Thermal Power (Kcal/Hours)
Weight (kg)
Control System
FD-200 efficient FD-150 FD-50
11.2 - 14.4  6.72 - 8.6 3.1 - 4.13
        3.26 - 4.35
        3.15 - 4.2 
14 - 18 14 - 18 9 - 12
800x1000 600x800 530x650
1800x2450x2600 1660x1800x2600 1500x1750x2100
5.00 5.00 3.50
 80,000 60,000  25,000 
2800  2250  1100 
Manual or Digital