STACKER for Pita / Lebanese / Arabic Bread

The Fully Automated Pita / Lebanese Bread production is now possible with this smart and innovative machine that we have engineered and manufactured.

The Stacker is a machine that is installed at the end of the cooling section of the Pita bread production line.
It automatically receives the cooled bread loaves and stack them uniformly and in required count, to be able to send them to an automatic bagger and to prevent the labor hand from touching the bread.

It is a more hygiene solution for your bakery, and a more powerful aspect of any bakery system.

The machine has four different versions to cope with all available types of the Pita & Lebanese bread produciton lines.
Single Row - Double Rows - Triple Rows & Four rows.

All types and versions are equipped with the following:

- Automatic pressing unit, to remove air from the loaves and flatten them
- Flipping system, in order to flip the first loaves of the pack, to have the loaves' brown side on both sides of the bag
(Operator can easily define the number of loaves to flip, on the featured touch screen)
- Easily define number of loaves in a stack (can also be done during operation)
- Stacking system and counters
- Smart delivery to the bagger transporting belt
- Transporting belt can be designed angled or straight depending on customer's demand and space availability


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The machine has four different versions to cope with all available types of the Pita & Lebanese bread produciton lines:

- Single Row

- Double Rows

- Triple Rows

- Four rows